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The Italian Cheesy Potato


Why Frico?

Original product of Italy

Original product of Italy

Is an Italian company that has worked with cheeses for over 70 years, dealing with local farmers and diaries.
From this experience we made our Frico.

Prepared like our grandmas used to, but ready for you, in 5 minutes.
For a pure Italian food experience, try Frico.

The best Italian comfort food.

Ready in 5 minutes

Ready in 5 minutes

Frico is a real Italian specialty: so good and yet incredibly quick and easy to prepare.
It is already cooked and packaged in a vacuum-sealed pie.

Heat it for 5 minutes in a pan for a nice brown golden crust.
Or 2 minutes in a microwave.

(but trust us: heat it in the pan!)

Only natural ingredients

Only natural ingredients

Frico is made in Italy with Montasio cheese from the uplands of Mount Montasio in the North Eastern Italian Alps.
In that area, we grow the potatoes that we put in your Frico. And this is it.

Like Frico has been for hundred years. Frico.
Only natural ingredients. Totally Italian and it's even gluten free!

Frico is probably the best Italian comfort food.

Originally, the Frico was a dish for the poors, made to use the cheese crusts and potatoes in a robust meal after the work in the fields in North-East Italy (Friuli).

Today, it is still made with simple ingredients:
by cooking diced potatoes in a large flat pan and, when the potatoes are tender, adding diced Montasio cheese and another light cheese like Latteria or Asiago.
The cheese will melt within the potatoes and the Frico must be cooked and turned to obtain a crispy, golden surface on both sides.

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Slice your Frico and serve it with a glass of red wine.

How to prepare Frico today?

Today you can prepare Frico in just 5 minutes.
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You don't need to find potatoes, dice them, cook then find original Italian Montasio cheese, dice and melt it.
We have done all this for you, in our kitchen in the Italian Alps.
You just have to warm it for 5 minutes and you can serve the classic recipe of Frico.
Our Frico is a Made in Italy and it is packaged in vacuum-sealed single servings and shipped to your table.


The Best Italian
Comfort Food.


Ready in just 5 minutes
on your table.

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The Team

A dream called "bringing Frico to the World".
Franco Savio The owner The King of the Frico
Franco Savio

The producer

"The King of the Frico"

Matteo Rizzo Export Manager The Dreamer
Matteo Rizzo

The president

"The Dreamer"

Luca Manfè Chef the Frico Ambassador
Luca Manfé


"The Frico Ambassador"

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